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Have a warm welcome and greetings to the spacebar counter, it is a number one platform for all the spacebar clicking games, spacebar click test, spacebar speed test & game and spacebar counter challenges, as well as other space bar counter games having multiple challenges.

We’re devoted to giving you the absolute best of space bar game test and space bar click speed test, with an important execution with numerous clicking strategies alongside various time stamps to pick, the game saves your clicks and take just a moment then provide you precise outcomes in just a blink of an eye.

This website is established in 2021 by spacebar counter, spacebar counter has progressed significantly from its beginning. At the point when spacebar counter initially began, their passion for spacebar counter games and spacebar clicker test games are extremely interesting in light of the fact that all game have a full precise UI/UX, the game is easy to use additionally more engaging than different games, drove them to go into business.

We trust you to make the most of our gaming tools however much we appreciate offering them to you. In any case, if you have any inquiries, comments, and suggestions, kindly don’t spare a moment to reach us.


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