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Click Counter is a tool to count the number of clicks you make from your mouse, keyboard, mobile phone, or other online devices. This tool records your every click.

Online Click Counter is easily accessible to everyone who wants to count anything that you want. You should try this version either your number of attempts you do multiple times and calculate their exact numbers.

The best online Tally counter

Click Counter is an engaging tool, which helps users to calculate the rate of their clicks within a selected period. This online counter is designed to be readily available at any moment for everyone who wants to count anything in a wide diversity of fields.

What is the purpose of Online Button Counter?

The primary purpose of Click Counter is to count something and not get lost. For instance, the number of items in stock, the number of repetitions of exercises, counts numbers, or much more! Some people use the click counter to have fun and entertain themselves. You can use the click counter to find out which of your friends can click the mouse button more times.

So try the click counter right now!

Click Counter as an assistant

  • It seems like an assistant who works according to your own will and calculates the number of anything.
  • This click counter will help you not to drift from the calculation or your counting of the task.
  • This online counter can help you with the household and count the number of exercises performed in pull-ups, sports, push-ups, and repetitions.
  • This tally counter is your reliable partner in any of your activities! So start the counting process. Take your time and enjoy it!

Features of Click Counter:

Click counter has the following features:

  1. This Online Click Counter is user-friendly.
  2. An easy-to-understand dashboard.
  3. Secure than third-party applications.
  4. Performs its action with no lagging.
  5. Easy to play.
  6. Mobile-friendly.
  7. Allows social sharing.
  8. Free, and there are updates.
  9. It is securely compatible with any browser.
  10. One can easily use this online click counter without creating an account.
  11. Anyone can access this tool with zero knowledge of the second counter.

How Online Click Counter exactly works.

  • This tally counter is straightforward and easy to use.
  • When you enter the site, you will see three views: the score, reset option and click me button.
  • First, click on the click me button by pressing the space button, mouse button, etc., to start the counting.
  • Calculate your repetitive process by clicking in sequence, as well as it will count your numbers of clicks.
  • The score box will show the number of clicks in animated numbers.
  • Your Counter value will be maintained and remain the same until you restart the site. You can check your previous value quickly after resting the place.
  • You can start counting your score again from where you have left your browser; the counter will restart and continue to count.
  • Thus, save your valuable time and enjoy your click counter.
  • This Online click counter also provided you with the reset option to play again. You can also conduct an Online Click test with your friends.
  • It’s simple, just set the highest score of the counter test within a minimum time range and then tell them to break it in a given time interval.
  • One who will crack this score will be the winner of this test. Woo-hoo! So, do not wait a single moment and give them a challenge with this Online Click Counter tool.
Frequently Asked Questions

Click Counter is a tool to count the number of clicks you make from your mouse, keyboard, mobile, or other devices. Thus, you can evaluate how many times you click.

2:How does Online Click Counter works?
The counter activates by clicking a button above the screen. The repetitive clicks count the number of clicks and show on the scoreboard. It can be reset to start again.

3:Why is there a need for a click counter?
Click Counter (or Online Counter) needs for counting various repetitive processes by clicking a button, for instance, people used it as a number counter, steps counter, tally counter, during inventory, and for tracking reps in different sports exercises.

4:How many times can I click in 1 second?
Usually, an average person can click between 8 to 10 clicks per second.

6:Is this also a mouse click counter?
This Online clicker counter tool counts the number of clicks you make from your mouse, mobile, or any other device. So, this is also a mouse click counter.

7:What are the advantages of the Click counter?
It is a straightforward way to count anything you want to calculate; it saves your valuable time, it works accurately, and you can also share your saved counts with your friends and give them a challenge.


If you have any queries regarding this tally counter tool, you can always contact us. We’ll try our best to answer you back as soon as possible. This Click counter test would help you to find out how quickly you can click.
So, how many times can you click on your device? Let’s find out!