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Click per second:

In the CPS test, you can examine your clicking speed and accuracy in less than seconds. It is the shortest time variation of the click speed test that permits you to determine your clicking capability in just 1 second. It will take not enough time to end up the game. The players who don’t have time to practice and are experts too; it is the perfect option to practice. This training makes them more pro at clicking. It will sharpen their focus and aim. The CPS test is very suitable for fun too. Now, you can compete with others in the short run. It seems unreal or dramatic, but most of the players claim that they can click 10-15 times in just one second that is a marvelous performance. It will surely help you out to train yourself for pro gaming. Most of the players use several clicking methods to beat this target. Jitter clicking, butterfly clicking, and kohi clicks are the most common techniques that are used by them.

How to achieve your desire score in CPS Test Challenge:

The most critical point about this challenge is that one moment shows both the end & start of the game. The number of clicks in one second is proportional to the score you’ll get in the CPS Test challenge. Once you have started the test, you will have to click as fast as in one breath because the same moment will turn into the end up. So, in this challenge players do not have time even to take a single breath. It is a quick method as just a blink of an eye. This challenge is taken by those who have sharp finger movements and clicking efficiency. To be very honest, no doubt this challenge is tough but on the other hand it is very productive that will train the user in a limited time. If you have average clicking capability you can get 8-10 clicks per second easily. Per second challenge have multiple features like social sharing, cost-free, effortless, and much more. We are hoping that you will enjoy this tool along with your friends and social family and compete with them easily. If you are sincere with yourself, you can do everything that you want. Maybe you are the next one who would break the world record for clicking per second. So, hurry up, take this challenge and boost your performance and skills.

Method to take the clicks per second test:

It is as simple as you play a game online. But we are here to assist you and aiming to guide you properly for the CPS counter. So, don’t feel hesitate if you don’t know about the CPS test.
You have to follow these steps to take this challenge. Every step of this CPS tester will lead you to your result and goal.
Step 1; First thing you have to keep in your mind that you should have a stable and strong internet connection, which will not disturb you during the test session, because it seems so irritating.
Step 2; Secondly, there is no restriction for you to use any specific browser. You can use any of your choices and visit our website
Step 3; At this point, you will find here the test “click speed test”. Just go for it.
Step 4; Here you will find multiple time variations alike per second click test, 5 seconds click test, 10 seconds click test, 30 seconds click test, 60 seconds click test, and 100 seconds click test. You will choose per second click test as per your desire.
Step 5; Once you choose your time interval, then tap on the “click me” button over the screen.
Step 6; Your test will start with your first click. As you know time is very short, so you have to click at the fastest speed. You have to use your all energy, effort, and focus to get your desired goal. If you maintain all of these requirements you can easily get your desired scores.
Step 7; At the end of the Click Per Second challenge, you will examine your performance on the score box.
I hope so, this guideline will help you. So go for this challenge. Best of luck!

Primary features of clicks per second:

1: Cost-free & direct mechanism:
It is a free tool that we are providing to our valuable users. You don’t need to pay for it, it is your gift from us, and as you know, there is no demand for money in return for any gift. Also, you can attest to your clicking skills through an effortless process. We are expecting that you will not find any problem and issue while taking this test.
2: Lagging and error-free functionality:
This tool is designed to maintain your comfort zone. We have done our best for you. We are damn sure, if you are on our platform, you are not going to face any error and issue.
3: Performs as trainer & confidence booster:
It is not just a test that will evaluate your performance. If you are not satisfied with your test performance and scores, we warmly welcome you to take this test again and again. By challenging others you will surely be going to enhance your confidence to the next level.
4: Don’t insist you provide personal information:
It is a risk-free site, where you can take this CPS test without any threat. We don’t demand you for any kind of login or personal data. So, be tension-free and enjoy this CPS checker.
5: Best fun & a productive tool for time-pass:
Most people get tired during work or study. They can enjoy this test to release the stress most productively. No age limitation is set for this challenge. It is open to all.

Frequently Asked Questions about Clicks Per Second:

1: How many clicks per second are considered to be fast?
You have to click between 7-10 clicks per minute if you want to become faster in CPS.
2: What is the average CPS?
The average CPS is estimated between 8-10 clicks per second.
3: What is the highest CPS world record in the world?
As per the latest update, 16 clicks per second is the highest record for CPS in the world.
4: What is the CPS’s importance in Minecraft?
It matters a lot in Minecraft; it gives you the idea of how much you can tap in one second. The CPS value will be lower in the case the time is more than 10 seconds because your fingers get tired and slow down due to continuously clicking.
5: How do you get high CPS?
Our website is the best platform for you that provides you the proper idea about your clicking speed per second. Maybe you are not good enough at the start, but with time and practice, you will be able to get high CPS as per your desire and goal. So keep practicing until you get what you want.