Clicks Per 100 Seconds

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Clicks per 100 seconds:

If you want to increase your gaming capability or test your skills, this test is for you. Click per 100 seconds is the longest challenge of this series. It takes more time than all the previous ones. Here you will get the chance to justify your performance, including training as well. You should need strong finger muscles and the fastest movement for this challenge. This test has a very long period of practice. It is unusual for most people because this time interval requires continuous clicking and rapid movement. So, it seems hard to some players who don’t connect enough with clicking. It is the same as per second, 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 30 seconds, and 60 seconds variations. If you have information about those challenges, then you will quickly go for it.

The player should need a high energy level and maximum practice of clicking skills for this competition. It is so trendy that you can share your results with your social family. This will provide rapid and accurate results at the end of each game. This challenge doesn’t require any of your additional information. I hope you will enjoy this test without facing any errors.

Method to take 100 seconds click test:

It is quite a simple process, the same as the other ones, but these few steps are provided for your assistance.
• Just join us on our website.
• Then move towards “click speed test” in the menu bar of the site.
• After clicking on it, the next page will open for you.
• Here, you will find different time stamps for this game.
• Just tap on click per 100 seconds challenge.
• Once you are ready for the test, click on the “click me” button over
the screen.
• Your test will begin with your first click.
• Try to tap as speedily as you can. Use rush movements of your fingers to attempt this test.
• Your scores and accuracy level will be depending upon your tapping speed and skills. So, keep in mind to justify with it properly.
• After the ending up of 100 seconds. The test will automatically stop, and your results will show up on the scoreboard.
• Now, you can evaluate your performance and accuracy level along with your clicking speed. Here you will know where you are standing and how much improvement you are required to achieve your goal.

•  It is not just a test; you can use it for practice purposes. We warmly welcome you to our platform whenever you want.

Frequently Asked Questions about 100 seconds clicks:

1: What is the world record for clicks in 100 seconds?
8.2 CPS are most clicks that are recorded in just 100 seconds.
2: How many clicks per second are fast?
To become faster in clicks, you need to click between 5 to 10 clicks per second.
3: How fast can I click in 100 seconds?
Just click the provided given button “click me” to start your game and then keep clicking without stopping until you give your best. It would be great if you utilized all of your energy, capability, and efficiency for clicking fastly till the end of the time interval for 100 seconds. The World Record for the highest number of clicks in 100 Seconds is 8.2 CPS.