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Clicks per minute:

Now you can make out the calculation for your clicking speed in a minute. It is one step upward than the previous one that is the variation of 30 seconds. In this challenge, you can attest to your ability to click in just a minute. It requires more effort and practice than the other variations because, in this competition, you need to click faster to make the number of clicks before the end of the time interval. It is a pretty critical process in which your fingers may sometimes stick due to continuous clicking. This challenge enables you to increase your gaming skills because gamers have to ensure their tapping ability to the next level, using their clicking skills for shooting, firing, or hitting their targets. You can turn your gaming experience by taking this click speed test. I hope so this one-minute challenge will be enough for you to train yourself for better achievements. You can beat others by taking this challenge and compete with them. That will upgrade your confidence level to accept more challenges.

Method to take 1-minute click speed challenge:

If you have a better understanding and practice of clicking buttons or know about various clicking techniques, you can quickly take this challenge. Not only you can take this challenge, but also you can achieve your desired goals or scores in a timestamp of 60 seconds. Here we are presenting few footsteps that you have to follow to take this test for 1 minute.

• First of all, you must have a stable internet connection & device.

• Then go for our site through any of the browsers.

• Here, you will find a test named “click speed test.”

• Now, select time variation as per your choice. For example, if you are interested in 60 seconds click speed test, then select.

• Once you feel ready to take the challenge, click on the button “click me.”

• Your test will begin with your first tap or click.

• This challenge is longer than the other ones, so you must keep tapping as rapidly as possible until the end of 60 seconds.

• When you will complete 60 seconds, you have to stop. Now, you can see your results in the form of scores on the scoreboard in this step.

• In this case, you don’t make desired scores in the time stamp. You can take this test number of times to practice more. We don’t restrict you from taking this test again and again. It all depends on your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions about Clicks per minute:

1: How to play clicks per minute challenge?

For this, you have to keep clicking the “click me” button until the time interval is over. After precisely one minute, the scoreboard will display your score in CPS. Then, you can restart the click speed game and try to hit the score.

2: What is the World Record for clicks per minute?

9.7 CPS is the most click world record for the challenge of click per minute.

3: How fast can you click in 60 seconds?

The World Record for the highest number of clicks in 60 Seconds is 9.7 CPS. Click the provided button “click me” to start your game, and then keep clicking without stopping until you give your best. It will be fabulous if you use all your energy and efficiency for clicking quickly till the end of the time interval for 60 seconds.