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What is a Mouse double click test?

Twice clicking of the mouse buttons execute the functions related to an object. Double-clicking has the most important in the field. This feature can be used while opening new files, folders, and documents. Many actions of the windows are required to click double. You can check the sensibility and speed of your gaming mouse while tapping double. Our site is providing you an ultimate test tool for the evaluation of your double-clicking. Now, you can examine it online by following few steps. It is an opportunity for you to verify the performance of your Mouse along with the evaluation of your skills of tapping twice. You can practice as much as you want to increase your double-clicking speed.

Mouse left button double click test

Double-clicking the mouse left side button seems difficult to people, but our tool allows you to practice and evaluate your performance. Double-clicking the Left side button performs multiple tasks like opening a new file, new content and starting a new program. So, there must be a need to upgrade your double-tapping skills.


  • Visit our site and click over “double click test.
  • Here you will see three options, choose the left button and push the start button on the screen.
  • Your test has been started. Now click on the left side button twice as fast as you can. The number of double-clicking on the left side will increase your points.
  • The status of the scores will update as per your performance of double-clicking.
  • You can take this test again & again to enhance your skills.

Mouse right button double click test:

Right side double-clicking has importance too. You tap double on the right side while twice clicking on the right button, like opening a new file or pop-up menu. Now you can promote your double-clicking capability and boost your confidence by taking this test.


  • At first, visit our site with a stable internet connection.
  • Now, go for the “double click test.”
  • At this point, you have to choose the right button double click test out of the three.
  • Once you click on the start button, your test will be started right away.
  • Your scores are depending upon the speed of your double-clicking. Your scores will be upgraded as fast as you click twice on the right side of the button.
  • You can share this test with your friends to challenge them.

Mouse middle button double click test

Middle button double-clicking is used in different gaming mice. It is not an easy task, but we are here to assist you. Now, you can improve your gaming skills, too, through this double-click test. Also, it will turn your boring mood into a joyful gesture.


  • Visit our website through any browser and click on “Double click test.”
  • Choose middle double-clicking and tap the “start” button.
  • Once you have started, tap twice on the middle button or scrolling wheel as fast as you can.
  • The number of double-clicking will be caused by increasing your scores.
  • Take this test again and again to improve your skills of double-tapping.

Features of our double click test

  • No demand for confidential information
  • Lagging & error-free mechanism
  • Cost-free testing service
  • Act as a performance booster
  • Fastest & accurate result
  • All browsers friendly
  • Multi-functional serviceability


Frequently Asked Questions about double click speed test:

1-Does double click speed affect gaming?

CPS is usually not affected by this speed test, but it definitely makes you click fast while opening any new site and file.

2-How can I increase my double click speed?

Click hardware and sound, and then click Mouse. In mouse properties windows, click the activity tab, then drag the slider left to slow down the mouse double-click-speed or right to speed up the mouse double-clicks speed.

3-How do I right-click faster?

  • You have to keep your hands relaxed
  • Also, relax your muscles and don’t tense them
  • You can also use claw hold
  • Two fingers also help you to click double

4-What is double click speed? 

Several actions in Windows demand you to click the left mouse button twice in quick succession to work. This is called a ‘double or twice click.’ You can do it faster by using double-clicking.