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What is Kohi CPS test?

The kohi click test is the best method to determine the ratio of clicks per second. It has a significant difference from other click tests, and that difference is that it is featured on a Minecraft server known as kohi. We permit our users to take this test in a limited time frame. Usually, this test is taken by those who are used to play Minecraft games. By taking this test, players can improve their clicking speed for a better gaming experience in an effortless way.
Clicking speed matters a lot for gamers because a player’s performance is depending upon it. Players should have rapid finger movements to perform better and achieve their goals. The faster you will click, the quicker you will hit your enemy. It is not just a test, but also it acts as a trainer for you, which will indeed train your clicking efficiency.

Evaluate your Kohi Clicking Test:

Here you are at the right platform where you can quickly check out your clicking speed. Kohi click test will test your clicking speed and train you for better movements and fastest clicking. You can check several clicking methods here in a given timestamp that enables them to amplify their performance. Here we are providing you with little information regarding different click methods that you can use to test your click speed on our site. I hope so this mini-guide will assist you.

Types of Kohi Click:

• Regular clicking:
It is the standard way to click the mouse that most people regularly use. It is the best choice for those gamers who play games to pass their time instead of competing. By utilizing this method, people can score an average of 4-6 clicks per second. It has a significant drawback: people cannot get high scores in CPS by achieving this method.
• Butterfly clicking:
In this method, players use rapid movements of their fingers, also players are used to using two fingers and strike the mouse alternatively to get more scores over a short period. Players can easily score 20-25 CPS by using this method. Through this technique, the player has greater control over the tapping or clicking.
• Drag clicking:
By using this technique, players can do hundreds of clicking in a single drag. You can’t use this method for Minecraft PvP combats. A gamer uses a sticky finger mouse for dragging that allows him to register hundreds of clicks for drag clicking. This technique is a superb option for those players who want to achieve the highest scores in the kohi click test.
Jitter clicking:
It is the most complicated technique that is not easy to learn. If you want to become a pro of jitter clicking, you required too much practice. You can start it with small bursts, and then gradually, with time, you build stamina for long jitter clicking. Once you learn how to control shaking, you will able to get higher scores on the test.

How to take this click test per 5 seconds:

Here, few footsteps are provided that will help you to take this test:
1: Visit our site https://spacebarcounter.info/ and go for the “kohi click test” menu bar.
2: Here, you will easily find a box. Press on the “click here” button on the box.
3: Your game will start with your first click; continue clicking within the grey box while using any of the clicking
methods as per your choice.
4:A timer of 10 seconds shows the player’s time until they can hit the last click.
5: You will show up your final clicking as the timer ends.
6: You can take this test numerous times to boost your clicking skills.

Core Features of Kohi Click Test:

Some core features of the kohi click test are

  • Lagging & error-free test
  • Rapid & accurate results
  • Costless & effortless test
  • The choice to use several clicking methods
  • No demands for login or personal data
  • No limitation for taking the test

Frequently Asked Questions about this click test:

1: What is a good CPS score?
You can easily get a CPS score of 3-6 clicks per second which is a regular clicking speed. Professional gamers can achieve more than 8 CPS in normal clicking.
2: What is the fastest clicking method?
Drag clicking and the butterfly clicking techniques are the fastest methods of clicking.
3: What is regular clicking?
Regular Clicking is an easy way of clicking the mouse. You can do it usually by using finger muscles, which permit you to get 8-9 CPS.
4: What is jitter clicking?
It is entirely different from regular clicking. In this method, you are not only using your finger but your arm and wrist also take part in this.