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Mouse Test Online or Mouse Tester

A mouse is an essential tool for every computer and mostly used for several purposes while using the computer. Simply, we have to use the mouse while doing small tasks too. We are providing you a feature of mouse testing that will allow you to detect all the failures and problems of your mouse. Also, it permits you to testify your mouse’s speed. It is an effortless process that tests the accuracy of your mouse buttons, scroll wheel along with its speed.

If your mouse is not working smoothly, you can take this test to justify the issue and recognize it easily. Now let’s take this test and check the speed and accuracy level of your mouse. Our mouse test allows you to justify with your mouse buttons, scroll wheel, side buttons, gaming mouse buttons, and mouse drag button very easily. This tool acts as a doctor of the mouse that recognizes the problem in quick seconds.

Mouse buttons test

Here you can test the accuracy of the buttons of your mouse. If you think you are feeling a problem with your mouse buttons, so this test is for you. Those buttons will be turned red that is working accurately. It seems there is not an issue with your mouse buttons. These buttons are used while doing most of the tasks during using a computer and causing to disturb the whole mechanism. The good news for you is that you can check out the problem without any computer specialist.
Method for testing mouse buttons.
It is quite an easy process that will be helpful to test your mouse buttons.

  • Firstly, you should have a stable internet connection.
  • Then visit our site
  • Here you will find the “Mouse speed test” very easily.
  • Place your cursor on the diagram of the mouse on the screen.
  • As you physically click on the right button of the mouse, if it is working accurately, the right button on the mouse diagram will turn red, the same method will apply on the left middle buttons too.
  • In this case, any button of the mouse does not lighten up, which means there is an issue with that button.

Mouse scroll button

Our tool also provides you the test of your scroll wheel. You can take this test if you are facing any problem with your mouse scroll key. Your every practice will increase the accuracy of the mouse along with your speed. So what are you waiting for? Just scroll your mouse and enjoy this fun test. Here we have presented another way to test your scroll. You have to tap both sides of your mouse buttons left and right together, which will be resulted in a scroll click. If your mouse scroll key is working well, that area of the presented figure will be turned red automatically.
Method of testing mouse scroll
Follow these few easy steps to test your scroll key.

  • Firstly, you have to visit our site spacebarcounter from any browser.
  • After this just go for the “Mouse click test” tool. You can easily find it on our site.
  • Now, you can see a diagram of the mouse on the screen. You just have to scroll and see the results.
  • If your scroll key is doing well then that area on the screen will turn in bright red. In this case, it doesn’t lighten up which means there is a problem with the mouse scroll key.

Gaming mouse side buttons

Most of the gaming mice have side buttons that help you to play games smoothly and used for several actions in gaming. Sometimes these buttons don’t work accurately that will affect your gaming performance. To resolve this issue you can take our mouse click test. You have to click on the side buttons of your gaming mouse. If the clicked button is lightened up in red Color on the screen means there is not any fault in your buttons.

Method of testing gaming mouse side buttons 
It is also a very simple process like the previous one. Here we come up along with a mini-guide that will help you.

  • Just visit our site and here you will find a tool named “Mouse click test”
  • Here you are enabling to see a mouse diagram on your screen. You just have to tap or click physically your gaming mouse side buttons.
  • If the buttons are working smoothly, the same part on the diagram will be turned red.
  • If it remains colorless that means there is a fault with that area or button of the mouse.

Gaming mouse test

Here you can check your gaming mouse accuracy level just by following few footsteps. This tool will evaluate the performance of your mouse. Also, you can upgrade your gaming skills, shooting, and firing capabilities by practice this feature. This tool will be proved helpful for you. The areas will not be turned red in this test, because this test will be cleared with accurate sensor position and maximum tracking speed.
Method of taking this test for a gaming mouse 

  • Firstly, you have to make your cursor in the front of the image on the screen.
  • Now move down the button one by one to evaluate the accuracy of the gaming mouse.
  • The arrows on the illustration will tell you about the accuracy of the mouse.

Mouse drag test:

Our ultimate tool offers you a mouse drag test also. Dragging is used by you to move objects from one place to another place. If this feature is not working well that may disturb most of the tasks while doing some work on the computer. For the drag test, you just have to move the given object with the description of “drag me” on the screen. You can easily move this object if your drag click is working smoothly. If there is an issue you cannot move it as accurately.
Method of taking mouse drag test

  • You have to place the cursor over the given object on the screen
  • Just press that object and hold down it with the help of the left mouse button
  • Now drag down the exact location on the screen where you want.

Other key features of our mouse Tester:

  1. You can use this tool from any browser.
  2. If you are on our site, we don’t demand your confidential data.
  3. We are offering this tool free of cost.
  4. You will not face any errors while taking this test.
  5. There is no limitation to using this tool. You can take this test number of times.
Frequently Asked Questions of Mouse Test
1How can I test my mouse?

Check your mouse whether the mouse is an optical mouse or not. Confirm that left-click and right-click buttons are working fine.
Examine if the double click is working properly.
Confirm that the time duration between two left clicks, to consider it as a double click.

2 What is a mouse lock?

It is free open-source software for your desktop that can lock your mouse cursor to restrict you from moving. You can control the motion of the motion by using this software.

3How do you unlock your mouse?

Use the keyboard combination ctrl+Tab to move the device settings, touchpad and click pad and press the Enter buttongiven steps.

4Why is my mouse moving automatically?

It may cause by the device driver that is out of date or corrupted. You have to resolve this matter.