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Space bar counter 60 seconds game challenge

If you are looking for a game that comes up with productivity, entertainment, social interaction, and relaxation. So, our spacebar challenges are the foremost choices for you. When you take any challenge, you are not just playing. First of all, you are enhancing your tapping skills over the spacebar. Secondly, you are connecting yourself with the whole world through social media. Thirdly, you are enjoying and entertaining yourself. Last but not the least, you will feel relaxed while playing the game.

It is not much difficult to play this game. It is as easy as you can imagine. It is a next-level game that will become your most favorite. We aim to provide you all those features that are not available on most of the platforms. Our few features are so innovative that no one can beat this. Now, we are putting the spotlight on over 60 seconds’ variation. It’s the last challenge of our game. This step is one step higher than the 45 seconds challenge. In 60 seconds time limit, you have more time to hit more clicks over the spacebar. In this challenge, you can put your all efforts for 60 seconds to win the challenge.

Footsteps for taking 60 seconds challenge

It is the least challenge from our site that is compatible with other leading sites. Here are few steps that are provided for you. If you follow these, you will not face any difficulty while taking this challenge.

  1. You can play it directly on any browser. If you are having a PC, mobile, laptop, and stable internet connection so you are ready for gaming.
  2. You have to visit our website. Now, click over the spacebar counter test.
  3. There are different time stamps, which you can choose as per your choice, if want to play with 60 seconds variation, select it!
  4. Be ready! Your game is starting soon.
  5. By hitting 1st time over the spacebar, your time will be started. By the end of 60 seconds, you have to hit as fast as you can to gain more points.
  6. After the selected time ends, the result will be shown up over the screen.
  7. Here, you can compare yourself with the rest of the players for improvement purposes.
  8. If you think, you could play better, you can take this challenge several times.

spacebar counter per 60 seconds


Features of 60 seconds spacebar tapping challenge:

  • Free of cost & error, malware-free: Our site is free of cost that doesn’t demand charges to play the game. Moreover, we respect your confidential data. So, our platform is much secure because it is threat-free. Furthermore, due to the error-free feature, you will not disturb while playing.
  • Desirable habitat in a controlled environment: Although you are taking challenges in our controlled environment its ultimate attribute is that you can play the game as per your desiring settings. You can choose timestamp and can reset your game, as well as, you can play the game again and again if you want to play.


What is the world record for hitting the spacebar counter in 60 seconds?

Matthew B. Menard completed 258 spacebar hits using one hand in just 60 seconds.