Spacebar Counter Per 30 Seconds

30 seconds variation for spacebar counter

If you want to have more fun with our spacebar counter for more time, so our 30 seconds spacebar challenge is for you. You can test your tapping ability in just 30 seconds. It is a more reliable feature that can set according to your desire. It is an auto-functional tool that evaluates your performance in 30 seconds. This time limit is one step towering than 15 seconds. By choosing 30 seconds time limit, it would be easy for you to justify your performance, and here on this point, you will be known about your weaker point. So, it would be quite easy to increase your ability of tapping.

It is having an encouraging aspect that makes sure to upgrade your confidence as per the demand of a competitive environment. If you are on our platform, so definitely, you can set a target for 30 seconds. This target will not apply to you only, but your friends can also take this challenge on your behalf. Furthermore, during the test, you will feel relief and your workout stress will be decreased. Alike other online platforms, it makes sure more productivity.

Steps to take the variation of 30 seconds

Here, we are providing you few methods to take this challenge.

  1. At first, go on our site “
  2. Now click over the space bar challenge.
  3. Set a time of “30 seconds” from given time stamps.
  4. After this step, just start your challenge by clicking the first time over the space bar button.
  5. It’s your turn, so tap with your thumbs as far as quickly you can, that will increase your results.
  6. You can reset your game as per your demand because the settings are in your hand.
  7. After the completion of 30 seconds, your game will automatically end.
  8. At this step, you can see about your performance and tapping skills.
  9. You can compare yourself with other players, in such a way you can improve yourself. For improvement purposes, you can take this test again and again.


Spacebar Counter Per 30 Seconds

Features of 30 seconds spacebar hitting challenge:

  •  Provide immediate results: Once you finish your task, you don’t need to worry about your results. After the automated end of the time limit, the result will be shown on the screen. 
  • Social interlinkage: It makes your confidence for social sharing of your results, targets other people. In simple words, you can connect yourself with the social world.
  • Mechanical system: It is an automation system that where you can enjoy comfort from the start to the end of the game.
  • Enhance your Time management skill: When you select any time limit, you are bound to complete your task in that time. By this technique, you will maximize your time management skill. Due to enough practice through spacebar counter timer challenges, you will become more punctual in your daily routine, that’s why this feature is necessary for your personality & skill-building.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the world record of the spacebar 30 seconds challenge?

In 2010, Seppola 830 clicks in just 30 seconds.