Spacebar not working

While playing a game or doing a typing task, the spacebar plays an important role but what will you feel if the spacebar button stops working? Of course, it will be irritating or annoying for you.

But you do not need to be worried about this matter. Because every problem got a solution.

Fixes for space bar not working 

  1. Check sticky keys features
  2. Rollback your keyboard driver to an earlier version
  3. You have to do a clean install for your keyboard driver

Fix 1: Check sticky keys features 

Sticky keys are a feature that ensures you press one key for keyboard shortcuts. As most of the users reviewed that the analysis of sticky keys allows them to enjoy smooth working of the spacebar button normally again. So, whenever you find that your spacebar button is not working well, the first initiative you have to take is; check your sticky keys feature. Hope so, this method will help you to resolve your issue.

Here we are providing you complete method step by step where you can analyze your sticky keys:

  • You have you press the window key and I key together which will result in the opening of window settings.
  • Then scroll down to find and click “Ease of Access”
  • There you will see different settings about the keyboard, have further settings mainly, on-screen keyboard, sticky keys, and toggle keys on the top. If at this point you see that the sticky key feature is disabled that means you can’t use the spacebar button.
  • If this method can not works, then go for other methods. Spacebar not working is the issue that connected to driver error. You have to roll back its driver to an updated version and do a clean install for its driver that will assist you to sort out the issue.

Fix 2: Rollback your keyboard driver to an updated version

For this fix, you have to follow these few foot-steps.

  • Firstly press the Windows logo key+ X key together to have quick access to the open menu
  • Then click device manager to open it
  • Find the “expand keyboard dialogue” on the pop-up device manager window.
  • Then right-click on keyboard software and choose “properties”
  • Now choose to view on the “Driver” pane, then click” rollback driver”.

Fix 3: Do a clean install for your keyboard driver

If previous both methods could not be responded to, you can choose this method for the recovery of your spacebar button.

  • You have to follow fix 1 & 2 again in this method too.
  • The “Drive Manager” window will open, where your keyboard driver locates.
  • Then right-click on the keyboard driver
  • Now choose “uninstall device”
  • Reboot your window 10 to let window reinstall our keyboard driver
  • If the window didn’t reinstall the driver then you can download the upgraded version of Driver from your keyboard manufacturer’s website. In the case you are in hurry; let the “Driver Easy” assist you. With the help of this method, you will get rid of the driver issue. “Driver easy” will automatically recognize your system and find the suitable driver for you. You do not need to take any risk of wrong downloading and installing the driver. It’s not your problem. So, you won’t make any mistake while choosing any driver installer for you.
  • Furthermore, you can update your driver automatically with the free or the pro version of Driver easy.
  • Download and install the driver easily, you can easily run the driver and click on the scan button
  • Driver Easy will scan your driver that will detect the problem in your computer like a doctor.
  • Now click on “update all” to automatically download and install the correct version of all the drivers that are missing in your system. Your performance will be upgraded when you click on “update all”.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why is my spacebar not working? 

When you find an error in your spacebar button, you can firstly check the “sticky keys” feature. Driver issues may be the cause of spacebar issues most of the time. Rollback the previous driver and install an updated one that will resolve your issue.

2. Why is my spacebar button acting like “Enter”, reason?

The issue may be occurring because of two reasons. It will be either a hardware fault or software issue maybe.

3. Do you have to press hard on the spacebar? 

If you are hitting the spacebar button too hard, this does not make any sense. That not makes good contact with the button below the key. This is typically a hardware issue not a software error. You will observe near the bottom, the address stuck keys which will come up with the best information about the spacebar.

3. How do I fix the spacebar on my laptop? 

  1. Find a paperclip, bend it straight
  2. Cut off in two small sections, bend these small sections into a V shape with a little gap
  3. Place the pieces into center supports
  4. Now, it’s done!


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